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Small Fishing Event Hosted By the NecroBoxers

Looking for that Master Angler achievement? Or perhaps trying to get some new recipes or motifs? Maybe even searching for that coveted Perfect Roe that will earn you some fast cash? Well, the NecroBoxers are hosting a fishing event for the ESO community on XBOX NA! We will be selling fishing bait as well as Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowls and Hissmir Fish-eye Rye to aid in your search for some of these things. One of our officers will be stationed in Artaeum and Grahtwood advertising our wares! Times that we will be online are from 4pm-6 pm EDT! We hope that you will join us and help support our guild so we can do more events like this! If you would like to join the NecroBoxers message @Momtacular5 on discord or in-game so we can get you set up, she also streams on twitch @Momtacular5(Xbox/NA)
(if you wish to donate bait for this event send them to @Williuss in game)
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