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Research Across All Accounts

Hi All,

Dose anyone have any issues with making researched items available across all their accounts, after lvl 50 has been reached?
I don't know about you, but its a pain to unequip my items that I want to transmute, put them in my bank and then log onto my craft Character (which has traits researched) and then transmute them, log out, jump back on the account I want to items for, get them out of the bank and then equip them.

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  • tmbrinks
    1. You shouldn't probably be transmuting all that often, once it's set it's done.
    2. You can research the traits on your other characters that you mostly use, make the gear on your main for the 1 or 2 traits you use for a specific piece. Only takes 6 hours to research the first trait. You could very quickly have the "best" traits researched on all your alts with very limited time commitment.
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