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A single motif or a master

So ive been playing eso for a few yrs now and ome thing i never understood was when ppl try to trade a single motif for a master book. Im I missing something here? Are they trying to get lucky or being kinda greedy. help me out here. I dont really care that it happens I just want to know the logic behind it.
  • VaranisArano
    I'm not quite sure what you mean by a master book.

    There are a few motifs that only have 1 book. The non-valuable ones are blue or purple quality, stuff like Redguard, Breton, Barbaric, or Ancient Elf. The valuable ones are gold quality.

    Now, depending on the value of the single motif page, it may or may not be worth more than the complete motif they want in trade. For example, if it's a brand new motif who's pages drop from a DLC dungeon or a trial, you can find pages on a guild trader that might be worth more than the entirety of an older motif.

    Can you give some examples of what was confusing you?
  • Froil
    I've a feeling you're talking about when people post the "Blankity blank Style Master" which is an achievement. They want you to click on it and see what they're missing so they can finish it.
    "Best" healer PC/NA
  • depravity_influence
    @VaranisArano thx for the info but thats not what im talking about.

    @Froil l never tried to click what their asking for but this makes complete sense.

    thank you both
  • Djennku
    Exactly as Froil says. Most people will just link their achievement instead of listing all the missing motifs they need, as linked achievements show progress for the person linking it. Often they will do this when they only have a few pages collected or for ease of use,
  • phaneub17_ESO
    The only motif I know that combine pages is Glass unless you're talking about something else?
  • Its_MySniff
    Maybe the gold books that you occasionaly find that people collect or try to sell for millions? The full motif books? Not sure if you mean those rare devils.
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