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New Craft Idea - Spell Scrolls

1. Some basics
Spell scrolls can be created on a new scroll crafting station.
Spell scrolls are consumable items, which will grant some unique bonuses/effects. The bonuses should not replicate any potions, food, drink, enchantments, etc bonuses.
Powerful scrolls should be very expensive to create up to 1 million gold.

2. To create a scroll one needs a base material. Higher the level of material, higher/longer the effect. Materials can be clothier materials or new materials, e.g. paper, parchment, silk, magic web...
Base can be a world collectable resource or sold by merchants

3. A scroll can have only one effect. Effects can be self or group affecting group members. Others can break free from effects. There are 4 categories of the effects.

4. Effects categories from cheapest to most expensive.
4.1. Emot effects self and group e.g. mass laughing, mass mourning, levitating, etc.
4.2. Transformation effects self or group (out of combat). Become chicken, kitten, monkey, sheep, etc
4.3. Support effects self or group e.g. increase horse speed up to max available, resurrect with full stats, increase werewolf timer, etc
4.4. Group only and very expensive support, e.g. roll back time up to 10 seconds, jump forward or back up to 5 meters, increase movement speed in combat.

5. To create a spell at the scroll crafting station, one should select a base, a category, a spell and it will cost either money or crafting materials, e.g. runes, alchemy ingredients, etc.

6. Scrolls can be used from a quick slot or a new slot. Scrolls can be sold to merchants and players. Scrolls can be deconstructed returning materials.

7. Scrolls will have serious cool downs. I.e. the expensive support scrolls up to 5 minutes.

What do you think?
  • SkaraMinoc
    Taresha wrote: »
    4.2. Transformation effects self or group (out of combat). Become chicken, kitten, monkey, sheep, etc

    Yes I want to spy on roleplayers being naughty at the inn.
    RIP Deathmatch Queue, September 2021 - March 2022, You Will Be Remembered
  • WrathOfInnos
    I wouldn’t want another expensive consumable to become required for competitive content like trial score runs. Potion costs are already ridiculous, especially for Minor Heroism.
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