Booted when using inventory

I've tried three times to look in my inventory and it blue screens me. This also happened when trying to interact with a merchant and again when trying to use the guild trader function at the bank. So that's five times. I can't get my event tickets today because my inventory is full.
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  • ZOS_Bill

    What error is coming up during the blue screen crash?

    The crash troubleshooting listed below can help with some blue screen crashes on PS4.

    What do I do if The Elder Scrolls Online is crashing on PlayStation 4?
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  • Tehol
    Soul Shriven
    I have had this same issue, and the only solution I have found was to leave the game till the next day. I tried all the troubleshooting tips, and none of that helped at all.

    I think the issue stems from inventory being full, and then you either try to collect daily reward or a quest, and then somehow the inventory thinks it is over full, so anytime you go to aces it, it is trying to access something that it has no data on, which causes it to crash. Since it happens with anything to do with Inventory. Try crafting, selling etc, all of it causes you to crash.

    I think it resolves itself after a while because that extra piece that was in your inventory, that never was isn’t saved into your character, but into like temporary memory on the server, once that gets refreshed or cleared, you can login and not have inventory issues any more.
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