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Comming back to eso after 1 year, give me some tips and quick insight on changes

Hey, I'm planning to come back to eso after 1 year break, would like to know some major changes, what is current meta etc.
I definitely need to update all of my mods, any help in terms of which are necessary/recommended to use will be appreciated.
I'm around 600 cp but I'd like to play on a new character. I have 3rd lvl breton warden with some point put in riding already, is he decent atm? Should I delete him and creative something new?
Any tips about current eso will definitely help.
  • El_Borracho
    CP has been totally reworked. You will feel half as strong as when you left in terms of DPS, but you will also feel tankier.

    Best DDs are still necros, however, magblades are very strong. Stamplars are down, magplars are up. Same with DKs, though the heyday of the Mag DK from last year has subsided. Sorcs are about the same. Most of the DDs got compressed so there isn't a big gap between top and middle. Always seem to upset people by saying this, but I don't see a lot of warden DDs out there in PVE. Mostly tanks and healers.

    Meta sets are Relequen/Kinras for stamina DD, Mother's Sorrow/Medusa for magicka DD. There are some very good new tank sets, too. I don't heal so can't help there.

    There are Companions now, so you have have a kind of NPC follow you around and tank, heal, or DPS. Similar to the companion in Skyrim but more effective. Not a substitute for an actual player, but handy.

    Keep your warden. Just roll a new character if you want.

    Gameplay is about the same. Not as many bluescreens and the lag feels less. But still the same old weird bugs and glitches
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