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What is this town/city/village?

So I was in Cyrodiil gathering skyshards and just exploring in general, and I came upon this location. But when attempting to cross the water, you get automatically teleported away. I tried looking up what this town is supposed to be as it is not labeled on the map. Does anyone know what this place is supposed to be?

  • VaranisArano
    That's Bravil.
  • JJOtterBear
    That's Bravil.

    is there any way to get there? or is it completely off limits/out of bounds?
  • Vevvev
    Off bounds and impossible to get to without some shady exploits. Remember the city from TES4: Oblivion and there was not a whole lot of special things about it I can remember off the top of my head despite being the closest city to Sheogorath's portal.
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  • MajThorax
    You don't know Bravil? 😨
  • JJOtterBear
    MajThorax wrote: »
    You don't know Bravil? 😨

    Nope. ESO was my first foray into TES. I tried playing Skyrim, but I was bored by it and didn't get very far.
  • Asardes
    It was actually possible to get there at launch but there wasn't much, just some empty houses, some of them weren't even fully modeled, just the facades. Another example was Balfiera which could be reached by swimming from Daggerfall. The main reason they introduced the slaughterfish mechanic was so that people wouldn't break bounds and run into such poorly rendered scenery.

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  • HappyTheCamper
    Ask this same question in r/TrueSTL and see how they respond.
  • MaisonNaevius
    Bravil, capital of its county in the Nibenay Valley.
    It is a very poor colony, if not downright a giant slum.

    In ESO, Bravil was massacred and then looted the same year in 2E 582. What happens next is still unknown but it appears the town is occupied by the Aldmeri Dominion.

    Bravil's architecture, as seen today, is obsolete. Some Imperial structures in the base game suffer from a problem: adopting a full Breton architecture. Skingrad also suffered from this symptom.
    If Bravil (or even Skingrad) came out today, they would have an almost identical architecture as in TES IV. Obviously this would be ideal for Skingrad which has an "ancient Colovian style" architecture ... But concerning Bravil, it will be unsustainable wooden cabins which constantly change over time, especially since the city has suffered significant damage recently.
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  • Daffen
    Still possible to get outside anywhere with an exploit. Wont tell what or how tho :smile:
  • adriant1978
    Hopefully it will be the setting for the Q4 DLC. :)
  • SirAndy
    Daffen wrote: »
    Still possible to get outside anywhere with an exploit. Wont tell what or how tho :smile:

    If you are thinking about what i'm thinking about, that was patched a few months ago after someone from ZOS contacted me about how to do it.

  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    Hopefully it will be the setting for the Q4 DLC. :)

    The Q4 setting is a realm of Oblivion, the DLC is called Deadlands.
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