Unable to play on the EU server due to connectivity issues.

Hey. I have a ticket going (#210723-002439) about this, but ever since the 20th of July my ping has been going absolutely nuts on the PC-EU server, going from the normal to high 80ms to 999+ within a second and then kicking me off the server shortly after. This happens in the overland content, I can't really be going into any content with the server behaving like this.

Mostly curious whether I'm the only one seeing this still after Tuesday's "fix", as there aren't a lot of threads popping up in here or other places. I played for a few hours on the NA server today and my ping was quite stable on there and most of the time lower than on the EU server. This would be normal unless I lived in Finland, which is the case. Obviously the EU server should work better for me. I could complete a dungeon without issue on NA.

I've tried other games (Cod: Black Ops Cold War, World of Warcraft) and they behave normally as far as latency goes.

I did the standard stuff already (Flush DNS, tracert, reboot modem and computer, disabled add-ons, re-installed the game a few times etc.) so the standard copy-and-paste replies don't apply here, I'm afraid. There's something fishy going on with the EU server in particular.

I hope this will be resolved. I've had to bail on trials with friends already due to these issues and it would be sad if I had to start over on NA or completely quit the game because the EU server was left to rot.

Thanks in advance.
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