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Looking for Morning Time Veteran Trial Guild/Discord

I'm looking for a guild or, perhaps, a Discord server with players that play outside of a Guild (given the limited number of Guild Slots we have) for veteran Trials during morning times (8 AM ~ 2 PM EST or equivalent). While I don't speak English I can read and write almost anything as well as comprehend instructions passed on voice comms sufficiently.

Even though I can't achieve skyrocket parsings because of my ping, I am experienced but I lack the opportunity to actually get into veteran trials because, as someone from a Guild I left months ago respectfully told me, it's ungodly hours.

I crave to get my hands on things like Perfected Bahsei's Mania armour but, so far, I have only one piece (giggles) from a Malaysian PUG I managed to get into that asks for experienced players but requires them to have a clear — and yet, in that group that ended wiping (including by players with a clear) I still managed to hold 20% of group damage. This's not bragging, absolutely. I'd be ok if I could do my 12.5% share or maybe a bit less, after all, there's the ping factor, but how am I supposed to get it cleared even once if I don't have a group committed and competent enough for it, am I right?

You can contact me here or by Discord (same name)
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