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Borg collective (PC-EU small guild looking for new and experienced players alike)

Soul Shriven
We are The borg Collective. A rag tag bunch of friends looking to add to their numbers. Your laughter, happiness and fun will be added to our own. You Khan join our tribble-filled trials, Kling-on to our weekly IC sewer runs, or Chekov some dungeons with us. Oh, and you’ll ab-Sulu-tely love our Discord server. You’ll go ponfarr with us. Resistance is futile.

We run weekly imperial city sewer runs as an AD group. a good way to blow off steam and have a good old laugh.
We try and run trials, but more numbers will mean we can run more trials with people and hopefully start to progress and get to the end game stuff.
Weekly group dungeon runs on thursdays for those who want to try and get thjose skins, or farm loot and leads.
Event based activities for everyone.
Weekly endevour runs for those who would like to group up and have a laugh whilst compleating their weekly endevour.
And a fun freindly group to ask for help or just faff arse about with when you wish to.

We do have an active discord for members.
and some of us do play other games as well.

Please feel free to messege me in game for any further info, and maybe give us a go? ya might just find your home
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