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ESO keeps crashing my GPU after Blackwood update

Hey everyone, has any of you had this issue so far? After the blackwood update, mainly the new VCRedist intall it requested, my GPU keeps crashing randomly. This only happens with ESO, i play other MMO's and other SP games with no problems. But in ESO after i login the first time i get a 100% GPU crash after about 15-20 mins of playtime, then another 1-2 randomly. I run a GTX 2060 6GB. Before the BW update this never happened. Also the crashes have nothing to do with high loads (lots of players around/spell effects flying everywhere), the crash can occur in idle or even in the character selection screen. My screens go black, i can still hear sound from the game, but i have to restart my pc (sometimes it does this on its own) in order to play.
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