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Stone Orchard PvP Guild PC/NA, NB only, (PVE welcomed and encouraged) Recruiting.

Well met, folks! I've started a guild called Stone Orchard. It's a Nightblade only guild that's tri-faction. Why tri-faction? Well, we're Nightblades. Our only loyalty is to the AP and Tel Var. For the purposes of Gray Host, though, we're locked to DC for now but that could change at some point in the future. We're also tri-faction because some people who might be interested in joining may not have a Nightblade for a particular faction.

All manner of Nightblades are welcome. Brawler Blade? Health Blade? Troll Blade? Cloak Blade? Bomb Blade? Tank Blade? Invisible Healer? This-n-That Blade? You get the gist.

We also welcome and encourage PVE orientated players to join, because with this guild you don't have to worry about being a hardcore serious player. That means you don't have to change your CP to accommodate the guild when we PvP in CP campaigns nor do you have to do any mandatory skill changing and slotting. The same applies to your gear.

The way this guild will work is we'll gather on the weekends at some point, dependent on what we all agree on is the best time(s), and we will pick the campaign that either has the most activity or has the biggest zerg and play there for that raid, with some occasional campaign hopping if called for it. The way we'll operate is doing things like the following:

1. Cutting off enemy reinforcements, or at least slowing them down the best we can.
2. Focus DPS'ing/Debuffing on single targets, one by one, picking them off.
3. Troll sieging, and stealth repairing doors and walls.
4. Stealthing inside keeps and taking them back quickly after the enemy forces have left.
5. synchronized proxy-bombings and Incaps.
6. Usual Nightblade shenanigans.
7. Bounties. You put up some gold for us to take out someone who crossed you up or whatever the reason might be.
7. SPECIALIZED HITS. We'll each pledge some gold, it doesn't have to be much, and put it in a "pot" .. the "money pot" .. And we will then hunt a specific HIGH VALUE TARGET. Whoever gets the killing blow against the High Value Target will get all the gold in the pot. These High Value Targets won't be easy ones. An example of a High Value Target would be the leader of an enemy Ball Group, such as Izanerys who leads the famous Dracarys ball group. The SPECIALIZED HITS will be a once a month type thing.

We'll even have game/event nights sometimes. Some games will be the typical drinking game, when (one or more conditions here) happens we all take a shot. It's cool if you don't drink. I don't. I'll be taking shots of Mountain Dew though, ba-leed dat. Another game could be "Night of the Breaking Dawn", where we all slot Dawnbreakers for our Ultimates and do coordinated Ulti dumping on folks out of stealth. Or how about "Destro Fever Night", where we all slot the Destro Ultimate that centers on you and moves with you, and then burn people down with them in coordination. I'm sure there's tons more games we can come up with.

Outside of weekend play, the guild will run as a 24/7 type of thing. If you're on and want to buddy up with some fellow Nightblades, just send out a shout in guild chat and group up. The way I've set up the Discord voice channels allows for several different groups to run at once across different campaigns. Yes, Discord is required, but a mic isn't. You do need to be able to hear whoever your crown is giving call outs and such.

If this interests you, then hit me up here in the mail on the forums or in game at @Fidget1302.

As with all other guilds, any PVE content you want to do with other guildies is cool and done with any classes. For PvP, though, it's Nightblade only.

I'm looking for people who can lead on weekend raids, so if you have level of experience on being crown you get moved to the front of the line, lol.

Have a good ones folks. :)
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