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Let us recover enchanting runes when deconstructing gear

I often have to deconstruct gear and I wish I could recover some of the runes that I used to create the gear. If I used a kuta it would be nice if there was a rare chance to recover a kuta when deconstructing that piece of equipment. The same goes for gear that has prismatic enchantments on it. It's nice to recover cloth and metal but it would be great if we got enchanting material back too.
  • Nestor
    I used to feel the same way as you. However....

    I don't know if is the years I have been playing or just the hirelings and surveys are just that productive, but Runes are abundant in my crafting bag.

    So, i would suggest doing crafting writs and get some hirelings. Note, the extraction passive affects, or used to, the Kuta chance with hirelings.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Amottica
    Based on the writs and training for writs they are categorized as consumables which would lend to the idea they cannot be recovered. It makes sense because it does become part of the armor.

    We also get a lot of dropped enchantments that can be deconstructed for the related raw materials so being able to obtain the mats from deconstructing armor and weapons would seem like double-dipping.

    I also agree with @Nestor. I have only been in the game for ~5 or 6 months and already have a collection of materials for crafting enchantments.
  • phaneub17_ESO
    I don't have any runes less than 300 in my crafting bag except for Hakeijo for obvious reasons. The ones for the crafting daily are over 1000; honestly If you pick a lot, do the crafting dailies, and collect the surveys you should get more than you ever need eventually. The more alts you have at max enchanting gives more Kuta from the rank 10 crafting box.
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