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The FlyingDutchman {friendly!}

Started as an bunch of friends, decided to become a guild ! The FlyingDutchman!

We are an fresh new guild, we got players from all over the board. And friendly to everyone. From very experienced end game players to fresh new players ready to start their adventure in tamriel.

- We will help you to get started
- We can explain you mechanics
- We are friendly, and fun is the most important thing
- We will start doing trial runs when we got the players for it
- We are working on our guild house, do you like to furnish? You might be able to help out !

We play on PC/Eu.

Does this sound like something for you, join us now !
Edited by DonHardstyle on July 13, 2021 9:51AM
  • DonHardstyle
    We want to start organizing some trials in the foreseeable future. This will be trials with an eye on learning, and explaining mechanics. Are you new to the game, or not so experienced with trials? This is the moment to join. The trial leader will take the time needed to explain the stuff happening in the trials. As much time needed for you to understand what's going on! Trial leader is an experienced raider, with multiple clears on all levels and trials.

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