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[PC/NA] Sweet Meats of Daggerfall | PvX / Social

Soul Shriven

sweet meats of daggerfall are recruiting and want you to join our ranks!

guild lead: @helloelli (me!)

what we are looking for: players of every role that wish to expand their horizons, normal or endgame!
we have members of every play level so there is no shame in being entry level :)
cyrodiil pvpers, so if you are looking for DC people to gain ap with...hey!
that being said, all alliances are welcome for pve.
we are currently building a core team and would love to have you (seeking tanks and dps with prior exp. or knowledge)

what we offer:
build/parse help with channels in discord from officers
vet dungeon achievement runs for personalities, titles, etc
norm and vet trials on saturdays at 10pm CST
cyrodiil, bg and imperial city pvp
guild hall with multiple training dummies (including trial), transmute station, all basic crafting + some set (working on that currently!) stations
..and more!

a good attitude
no inactivity over a month - if something comes up please let us know
a solid grasp on how group content works
have fun!

if you are interested in joining, please contact me or leave your @ in #guild-invite in our server!
for those of you who are full on guild slots, we also welcome you in our trial/pvp runs <3

"Come here, sweetmeat! Come to Velidreth!"
PC/NA | all DC PvX | SMoD guild lead
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