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Scales-of-Sun: a Guild for Argonian Templars

This is a guild welcome to all Argonian Templars.

Scales-of-Sun, is a social guild exclusively for this race/class combination.
We do RP, PvE, Build assist, etc.

We are Vakka-Eix, or “Sun-Scales” in the common tongue. An organization of Warrior-Priests composed of volunteers from many tribes.
We help those we find along our travels.

Just as Shadowscales are dedicated to the Void and Sithis, We Sun-scales are dedicated to Atakota, the beginning.
Find more here:
We have no political affiliation; Argonian Light-Bearers of any Alliance are welcome.

Type the name of your Argonian Templar character in the comments (or send a PM) and I’ll send an invite
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