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Which Races being Playable would be the least of an Encumbrance upon the Lore

Which race would be the most feasible to add to the game in terms agreeable to the lore? It always seems a bit prudish when the argument is made that nothing should be added period however the insistence upon making Dwemer playable can make for an equally absurd argument. There is also the question of the intelligent humanoid Daedric races, which are numerous in number and seemingly never too far away. Some people might find Daedra too alien, and prefer them for "Cosmology of the Aurbis Scrolls Online", but what is an MMO for if not to experiment in expansions?

Which Races being Playable would be the least of an Encumbrance upon the Lore 72 votes

1% 1 vote
5% 4 votes
Maormer (Sea Elves)
56% 41 votes
4% 3 votes
Other Daedra, Aurorans, Nocturnal Shrikes, Skaafin, Dark Seducers, Golden Saints, Herne, Spiderkith, Xivlai, Xivkyn ect.
0% 0 votes
Extinct or endangered elves, Dwemer, Ayleids, sighted Snow Elves, blind Falmer, Sinestral Elves
0% 0 votes
Nymph, Nereid or Naga
0% 0 votes
Goblin, Riekling, Minotaur, Centaur, Giant ect.
4% 3 votes
2% 2 votes
25% 18 votes
  • Sinlar
    The Tsaesci come to mind. There could easily be a land where they thrive, across one of the oceans.

    "Cosmology of the Aurbis Scrolls Online"
    Can haz betaz pleeze? 0.o
  • VaranisArano
    Maomer would be a bit strange in AD zones, but no weirder than everyone being buddies with my necromancer as long as he isn't necromancing stuff right in front of them.

    Tanval Indoril: "Go to the tomb of my ancestors and ask them to help me raise Balreth to defend us."

    Garyn Indoril: "Dad, you do realize this guy has had a bounty in every province of Tamriel for necromancy, right?"

    Tanval: "What could go wrong?!"
  • Avariprivateer
    Sinlar wrote: »
    The Tsaesci come to mind. There could easily be a land where they thrive, across one of the oceans.

    "Cosmology of the Aurbis Scrolls Online"
    Can haz betaz pleeze? 0.o

    Lol, I didn't recall my previous title I had in mind a few weeks ago until a few minutes ago. How about "The Planes of Oblivion Online" ? I remember someone suggesting in general discussion a couple months ago that Daedric player characters would really need their own game not to feel overly forced. I was planning on adding other races to the list but this forum has a horrendous ten slot limit on options, I almost listed "Akaviri Races" after "Other". I also wanted to list Wood Orc, Reachman and Direnni Altmer (DC default) as subraces, not to mention the last remnants of Kothringi humans. Possibly Akaviri humans as well if they are indeed separate from Tsaesci. If there ever is an ESO II Zenimax could save themselves a lot of player grumbling by inviting us into Tamriel, or more broadly Nirn during the late Merethic Era. No one can moan about dragons then! :smile: Also, playable Early Nedes, Aylieds, Chimer and Dwemer to boot, without temporal obstacles. I am generally curious how time passes on Nirn compared to the rest of the Mundus, or Oblivions various realms for instance. A daedric plane that starts as flat barren land, grows into a hilly woodland and becomes a mountainous highland before eroding and getting encompassed by a rising sea all within the span of one DLC, whilst only weeks pass on Tamriel, would certainly be interesting. Add a sun that ages redder in the skybox for ambience.
    Additional edit: I forgot to even mention Khajiti furstocks, may cat lovers and furries alike have mercy on my soul...
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  • dragonflame
    Maomer. Who wouldn't want to be a pirate elf. Idk about there passive. Something like an argonian but more magical and Storm related. 8 12 14 percent to Storm spells or aoe damage. 2000 max magical and 4 percent less cost to damaging spells.
  • Tyrvarion
    The only races that have enough presence in the Tamriel, have the looks that allow them to just use older gear withiut much adjustments and are not on the verge of extinction are Reachfolk and Maormer. The first of the two received the dlc devoted to their lands and culture already as well as do not look unique enough for markering purposes. That leaves Maormer, which could be very interesting.
  • colossalvoids
    Naga, but maomer comes close after.
  • Hymzir
    None of them. None of them are part of Tamrielic society during the era the game takes place. Many are considered enemies of normal folk, and would be attacked on sight. You couldn't go to towns without having guards attack you. Others are extinct and that's the point - they are extinct, they are no more. Coming across a living example would be a major incident and would draw attention from all sort of learned folk and people of power. But the game wont allow for that. Everyone is a normal Joe or Jane, and none of the various people you meet along your ventures find you odd or threatening. You'd have to massively rework the whole thing for this to work, and that is not feasible.

    Some like the Maomer or Dremora would work just fine in their own setting, but having them traipse about Tamriel as just another schmuck is not believable. They would draw attention, distrust, and often violence.

    Others, like naga, goblins, giants, and even minotaurs, could work within certain specific areas, where their presence is tolerated and considered normal. But they would not be able to move around the world unhindered. And outside their homelands, they too would draw attention, distrust, and violence.

    All of them do, of course, work as NPCs, as truly remarkable examples of long lost folk you encounter in some forgotten ruin or another, or as characters operating within a restricted area, such as a specific mages guild or within the court of some noble. But as playable characters, doing all the normal stuff and quest lines? Yeah... No.

    But that's from the lore point of view. ZOS being ZOS, can just ignore sensibility and add bunch of utterly unbelievable races to the game - not like they haven't done that already with all those silly laser ponies and steam horses galloping all over the land. I mean sure, all of them are, in a sense, possible withing the framework of the Elder Scrolls universe, but not as everyday things that clutter every street corner. They would be truly remarkable and rare things that would astound all those who were to catch a glimpse of them. But that's the reality of an MMO - Cosmetics trump sensibilities before the almighty gaze of Moolah.
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  • Froil
    People keep saying Maormer but they just can't work for AD. Imga on the other hand can, though they are with Falinesti wherever that is.
    If they ever have Falinesti added (as a chapter), the Imga would be perfect as a new race and would be lore friendly if they're locked to the Dominion, unless you have the Any Race Any Alliance (ARAA).
    "Best" healer PC/NA
  • Ajaxandriel
    - First Maormer for obvious reasons. Just make sure there's a faction added in lore, to grant them legit access in Aldmeri Dominion.

    So basically I'd just add a short introduction questline where a Pyandonean order with an old rivalry with the ones we meet in Khenarthi's roost, Auridon and Summerset sign a treaty with Ayrenn to fight a greater Sea Sload threat.

    - Second Goblins. You're already able to play a slave race (Argonian) *lenny face intensifies*

    - Direnni Altmer, Reachmen: apart from brand new racials, they are already legit doable as High elves and Breton respectively, with the right appearance options.

    - Ayleid: also doable as high elf with darker skin and pale hair. Moreover they're meant to be near extinct.

    - I'd appreciate the sighted Falmer because they're near-extinct but not totally, however they're quite doable as Altmer already (just unfitting racials yet).

    - Sinestral Elves and Tsaesci sure would be interesting but in a far future when Tamriel is already entierely explored.

    - Lilmothiit: I don't think it would fit. How to explain why they are hidden so well until now?... My guess, they would fit better in that far future chapter on Akavir, retconned as a japanese-themed sort of kitsune that colonized Lilmoth at some periods.

    - Dwemer, I can't say how much raw awesomeness it would be to play as one, but that's not realistic. The only way I'd work is introduce a Oblivion pocket-realm colony that is rediscovered, so they have no clue about what happened to their brethen and would all die way before the time of TES III. But the dev who make this decision has to be strong enough to endure the flood of pure rage from the nerds lol
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  • PrayingSeraph
    Oh man, I've been wanting Maomer for ages. I do think they would be the next go-to for another playable race.
  • JJOtterBear
    Moamer would never work because they are currently still trying to conquer the Dominion at this point in their history. And they are united in that goal. and are having conflicts with the Khajiit. So having them running around en masse in Dominion/Elsweyr area would make 0 sense lore wise.

    the best bet i think would be a race we know almost nothing about coming to Tamriel as either refugees or something of the like. or a brand new race. Because at that point it would be adding to the Lore and not going against it.
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  • Phanex
    I think it would be nice to see Akaviri, land, cities, creatures, etc. Would be a nice expansion. and they could probably go wild and in any direction they want to. I'm not too well verse in the lore, but it would be interesting.

    And before anyone says that due to the war with the Akaviri they should not be playable in the game, look at how all the nations are currently at war with each other now, yet we have DC races in AD and EP areas who aren't at war with their fellow neighbors. just because your nation is at war, does not mean your at war.

    I could see the other beings in the list as companions in the future if your so inclined on using companions. Plus, it could help with the whole "oh he's a dragonKnight that doesn't have access to all the abilities, etc.".

    You could have a Imga, Lamia, Minotaur, Goblin, giant, fighting at your side with their own speical abilities and traits and won't hurt the overall lore of the game.
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