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[PC/EU] Recruiting to complete raiding core

I'm recruiting for a small community of experienced vet+hm trial content players in order to complete a raiding roster with the intent of progressing triple achievements in DLC trials.
The type of progression we will get going is more on the committed/optimized side and less on the casual side.

The interested reader should match most of the following profile before applying:
- experienced in most/all veteran trial content
- experienced in at least 2 veteran trials' hardmodes
- interested in raid optimization and performance, looking to play with like-minded people
- if support: owner of meta gear selection, able to share logs from recent raiding activity
- if DD: owner of meta gear selection, 94k+ DPS on the trial dummy

test raids - unrelated to the above entry requirements - make up the bulk of our recruitment process

I am reachable on discord at the following user ID: cmbrazr#8035
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