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Looking for some relaxed and laid back people to do 3 of the DLC dungeons as long as ESO+ is free

Hello, since ESO+ is currently available for free (can't afford to have that every month actually) and I'm missing two DLC dungeons, Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok, for the last Tablet to complete my lunar champion house and one other dungeon, Ruins of Mazzatun, for the lead for the new best DPS gear you can get from excavating I'm asking if eventually people could help me with these as DLC dungeons are a bit hard to do solo as a glas cannon DPS. I did all the other base dungeons solo without problem so far (except for two of them as the machanics aren't solo friendly due to either pressure plates or the boss transformation mechanic that makes skills unable to use) and I do everything on my own usually and tend to keep to myself preferably.
However I'd really like to get these few missing things in my collection and after waiting a tremendious amount of time in queues I'll either get insulted (and I feel horrible for that and I remember why I play solo and take a lot of longer breaks from the game of which also my player induced anxiety is a reason) or kicked instantly for a minor mistake. This makes me feel even more like a failure and that's why I want to search beforehand for people who don't have elite expectations and don't stress others and rather play to have fun and perhaps help out.
My search here is only temporary, so I'm not looking for a guild or friends (For that I have a different post I made long ago).
I'm on PC EU and I'm usually around the hours of 2 am CEST to like 6 or 8am CEST. However I could also come and check in the evenings from 8 pm to 12 am if that's fine. I don't have any time limitations actually and could at any hour but it's more likely for me that I sleep during the day until evening so those times I've set are mostly the times I lurk around, however not always in the game.
If you want to pitch in just give me a message.
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  • HunterTheCapricorn
    Oh, just as another info because I noticed you can't edit posts here unfortunately.
    I'm currently sitting at like 500+ CP (I know, much lower than the expected stuff but that's because of all the huge breaks I took but I play since once I got a good enough PC to run the game however I don't know the year anymore as steam won't show me my purchase date but I remember that Elsweyr was about to be released and there was a free trial where instead I bought the game when it went on sale) and I do like 10k critical DPS with my main DPS bow warden in solo vanilla group dungeons and overall content like soloing several world bosses (sorry if the term is wrong I come from GW2 as a vet since 2012 there) and open dungeons. Although I really don't want to stress myself with stats and all that and really just want to have fun I'm really anxious everyone I come across will judge me so i just wait until they kill the boss so I can do it for myself in peace in the open world. Good thing at least dungeons are instanced and I can solo them except for two which I already explained why.
    However if anyone's interested in the other group/friend looking for post here's it as I sadly can't edit the previous text and add links into it: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/501630/recently-got-back-again-looking-for-people-pc-eu
    Still a shame you can't edit stuff here.
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  • HunterTheCapricorn
    Alright, might as well cancel this at this point since free sub trial will run out tomorrow and nobody wants to help out. Well, I guess I just suck and I'm a complete burden and a failure to anyone.
    Sorry for asking for help... Guess I should just git gud and get the most meta sets despite them being out of reach for me due to not having all DLCs because I'm too poor. Guess everyone will judge me and think bad of me silently so I can't complete *** on my own as some stuff like delves are public and I need to suffer more anxiety attacks and rude comments towards me for being a pile of useless *** in the game...
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  • wishlist14
    Hello @HunterTheCapricorn,
    I doubt anyone thinks you are a failure, I certainly do not think that of you, if anything I find you admirable. I have injured my arm recently so im taking it very easy for a while otherwise I would have loved to help you. I also tend to solo play a lot due to my anxiety but every now and then i get lonely and so i group up with people and do dungeons or
    Wbs etc. If you can solo most dungeons you are a good player.

    I hope you find help to complete these dlc dungeons and I'm sorry you've had some bad experiences with groups.

    I wish you the best in your journeys 😊
  • Arbit
    Sorry to hear this man :( if you were NA idve definitely helped.
    Argonian Master Race
  • HunterTheCapricorn
    Alright, since there's a free plus trial again now thsi might be relevant again because I'd love to get those things. Don't want to wait so long in the queue and risk of getting instantly kicked by 90% of tries anyways so I'll ask for a team-up in advance perhaps.
    I don't know if I'm free right now but I'll be definitely during the next few days and the weekend. I'll usually try to be there around 2 am CEST/CET or 8am (because of daily endeavors and daily quests). However I can also jump in during the evening at around 6 pm to 10 pm usually.
    Let me know ingame if you're up for it.

    And thanks for the heads-up.
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  • Araneae6537
    I hope you find people to run the dungeons with! I would have been glad to run some dungeons with you if we were on the same server (PC NA here).
  • HunterTheCapricorn
    Alright, thanks to some helpful people I finally got the last lead for the harpooner's quilt mythic item but also the required other two dungeons for the last tablet as well.
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  • jivefly
    Soul Shriven
    ESO has been the absolute worst game I've ever played in terms of trying to get people to quest and group with. No one, even in clans that I've joined, ever wants to just group up for dungeons, quests, whatever. They'd rather do it by themselves. This is an MMO, people.. I see thousands of people running around all over this game, 95% of them all by themselves.. Honestly, what the [snip]?

    [snip] Grouping is not incentivized enough, and/or people are just completely toxic and antisocial. No thanks. I would LIKE to enjoy this game with other people throughout the entire experience, not just the end-game, but that doesn't seem possible with this community.

    [snip] Pointless. This community is one of the worst I've ever experienced, hands down.

    [edited for profanity bypass & quitting post]
    Edited by ZOS_Icy on November 21, 2021 11:47AM
  • jivefly
    Soul Shriven
    HunterTheCapricorn, would you like to group up with me for general quest and dungeon runs? I'm down for that. Hit me up, add me as a friend, whatever. I'll gladly group with you, bro.
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