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FPS issue after an hour of playing?

Writing to see if it is a common issue.

Recently noticed that after an hour of playtime or so my game starts to drop the fps down when looking around with a mouse. It continues to work perfectly fine while doing anything without moving the mouse around, but the moment I start to look around - the fps freezes until I finish my movement. Reloading the game works but it is a problematic workaround because some trials take more time than an hour to complete.

Does anybody have the same issue?
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  • ZOS_Bill

    The troubleshooting in this article can help with performance issues you may be encountering. Providing your system specifications can help with troubleshooting as well.
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  • soulferin
    I had this issue before - there is some kind of a problem with response frequency of Your mouse. If You will change it to 125HZ it will be solved. As far as I know this won't happen with bluetooth mouse.
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