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Reason Based Vote Kick

Soul Shriven
Can there please be some kind of way to reprimand people that vote kick you for no reason? As of writing this post I had recently joined a random dungeon queue and upon entering the dungeon one person leaves the group and then like 30 seconds later I get vote kicked. We were all standing at the very beginning of the dungeon. No one had made a move to get started. My only guess as to the reasoning...I was on a lvl 36 character while they were in their champion levels. Dungeons already suck enough being grouped up with them. They often just run ahead and don't care for anyone below their level that might have the dungeon quest to complete. Then to top it off with being able to be vote kicked for no reason without me being able to do anything about it. Really makes me not want to play the game. I love running dungeons. If this is something that can continue on without any form of punishment on those that abuse the feature then why even play? Sure you can argue for me to find people to play with. That's a solution for some. I like playing solo and grouping only for dungeons. I don't typically mind randoms. But when this happens, again it just makes you lose interest in the game.
  • JessPushToPlay
    Unfortunately that's a hazard of the game- I'm sure they had their reasons but they were jerks to just kick you without talking to you 1st.

    I don't think ZOS will add a way to reprimand people but if you feel totally in the wrong- you could report them, if you remember their names.
    PC & PS4 | NA
  • Elsonso
    I like running dungeons, too. However, because of what I perceive as the toxic nature of the people who PUG, I have actually played this game for more years than the number of times I have done a PUG. :smile:

    There is really no way to reprimand someone for kicking when you don't know for sure that they deserve it. I have suggested a variety of things in the forums over the years that might prompt people to think more before they act. Generally, these are not well received by the people in the forum. I would imagine that some who object are the ones that kick arbitrarily and they simply don't want anything to stand in the way of it, even if it is only talking about it. :neutral:

    I also know ZOS has no reason to do anything about it, at all. ZOS isn't the fairness police.

  • El_Borracho
    I've learned not to base skill on level and most randoms are easy for all. However, I do tank randoms a lot. Jumping into a long DLC dungeon with a pair of level 30 DPS typically indicates a very, very long run ahead. In fact, was confronted with this yesterday on a normal Lair of Maarselok. But instead of voting to kick, I left as I didn't have the time to spend. Sometimes you have to be selfish
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