PC Hardware Help!!!!!

Please don’t delete this I really need help.
So I bought a pc a month ago and just started having this issue last night.
I was playing the game with no problems at all. Then all of a sudden the game would crash, but not to desktop. The screen would show as if no input was detected. There was also no sound at all. But the pc was still on. The only way to shut it off was holding the power button. This happened only during heavy on screen combat. I turned the settings to Windowed Full Screen and turned resolution to 1920x1080 instead of 4K (I see no difference). The problem seemed to have stopped hopefully.
Anyone with pc experience…can anyone help me understand what happened?

16gb ddr4 3200 ram
GeForce 3080 (driver updated last night. Crashes hspppened before and after update)
750W power supply
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