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PC EU Gray Host AD small scale guild recruiting

Hi, I am looking for capable members for our small scale pvp guild.
If you play solo-duo, small group, like to play outnumbered and can handle yourself;*
*You can survive when focused, know how to kite and use the terrain to you advantage, you know how to set up a burst etc.
If you would like to be in a guild where you could team up with other capable players, occasionally run in a small scale group, share your pvp knowledge, builds, test your setups in duels or open world cyro, hit me up! My ingame name is @milllaurie, we already have a bunch of experienced players on all factions.
Next campaign I am switching back to AD and am looking for more players to run with. :) See you in game!

p.s. we are far from elitist, to be honest if you are not confident you can handle yourself well, but want to get better - get in touch too!
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