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[PC/EU]LFG to run 4 man dungeons, farm runs and more casual side of group content

Tl;dr below

I want to run 4 man dungeons with chill people, sometimes take it slow, sometimes take new players and play without worrying about quickly running thru the damn instance. There is difference between doing quick pledges and playing the game.

Right now I have around 800CP, returned after around year break from ESO and as I can pull around 30k dps on 3m or 6m dummy and around 60k on trial dummy(my weaving sucks). I was running Craglorn vanilla trials without problem, done vMoL and the Clockwork City trial.

I also did Dragonstar Arena with players that were not that great and thier builds were not "meta".

I want to renew that experience, run dungeon, follow mechanics, FAIL, stand up, try again and have fun with it without worrying about dpsing boss

Plenty of guild claim they run 4 man dungeons and I was part of many of them, but unless you have friends(which I do not) to casually play the dungeons, it usually ends with silence in chat.

Let me know if you want to learn player some of the 4 man dungeons I have not been in or IF YOU WANT TO LEARN ABOUT THOSE THAT I KNOW

The only thing I ask is to not be poophead and rage about mistakes someone makes or if someone is not using "meta" build that you saw on whatever guide

DM me if you know about guild for me or if You're solo/duo player and want to play 4 man content

Have a nice day!

P.s. I have 2 ready dd characters, another 3 in the making, somehow ready tank build(not ready for the hardest 4 man dungeons but does ok in Imperial Prison or White Gold Tower) and my poor forgotten healer that I don't have gear for

Tl;dr looking for chill folks to learn and run 4 man dungeons, you don't have to be experienced, good player to join just don't be poophead
  • ariesardonyx
    if you are in pc na, i would like to play with you
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