Huge "INVITED" popups on PS5 console since U30.

Every time I invite someone to the group, I now get a huge INVITED popup in the top right of the screen.
This used to be just a text message on screen in the same top right corner.

These new popups cover a huge part of the screen, especially when you just joined 3 people into the group.

Could you please revert this to the old way, or at least make the notifications a lot smaller?
  • katanagirl1
    There is actually a notification on PSN under Notifications (like where downloads and messages appear) for me on PS4 now.

    It wasn’t like that before the update.
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  • Pauwer
    Same here, there is a psn invitation created from eso in-game group invitation. Started after update this week.

    The psn invitation is something i have never seen before, it is not the usual kind if someone invites you to like psn chat group or similar. The invitation lists the players in the eso in-game group and says "not able join at the moment" or something similar. You are able to join group in the game normally.
  • fizl101
    I'm hoping I switched that off last night in the playstation notification settings, there was one for grouping in game. Everyone had grouped up by then, so I will be checking it again tomorrow when I have a game planned
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  • EpicHero
    It's actually buggy as hell to... When logging in a character, I get a Person X invited you to play ESO popup in the top right, when person x (my wife) has not invited me at all, and is actually just logging in a character herself.

    I don't know what's going on, but I hope you can turn this SPAM off, as it's truly horrendous :(
  • the1andonlyskwex
    I also get PSN group invites every time I get put into a dungeon finder group. It's not really a big deal, but it is kind of spammy, and is obviously unnecessary since it seems to have shown up with u30 and Blackwood.
  • Orb
    Soul Shriven
    Happening on PS4 too, and none of the players involved in the grouping and invitation notifications has a PS5 yet. It apparently also happens if you have been (PS4) messaging with someone, because I noticed it first when my husband and I sent some screen caps to each other (not even from ESO), before we were both in game or grouped up. As soon as he logged into ESO, I got an invitation from him. Then when I logged in, he got one from me.

    I’ve had to turn off notifications for that, because it’s the weekend, so all the people I am messaging with and grouping with are logging in and out of ESO, and it was driving me insane. Something definitely seems broken, but no idea if it’s a Sony problem or an ESO problem. Not happening with my other games so ... ::shrug::
  • Bobby_V_Rockit
    Did anyone ever figure out how to stop this? It seems every time I queue for a dungeon and become the “leader” it sends out the invitation to everyone else in the team, or if I’m not the leader, I get the invite from whoever is. On PSN if that’s still relevant
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