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Hircine/werebeast lore update or revamp?

Just reading through the immense lore and documentation on vampires is enjoyable. Almost everything about them has been seen or done now with even a lot more added in this game alone. You have vampires, blood fiends, vampire lords, scions, blood knights, blood scions, harrowfiends, voidpires? Just countless mixes and experiments that were added in this game alone.

When is it Hircine's turn? He got his own dlc that added only 1 new variant and explained nothing. How do werewolf behemoths come about? One part says alchemy but greymoor implied they are natural as well? Vykosa wasn't involved for sure, and they were brought back from death directly as behemoths?

Not to mention that player werewolves haven't been revamped gameplay or graphically at all. Just.minor touches here and there.

I'd love to read expansive lore like vampires on werewolves but they really only get 1 page compared to the countless in comparison vamps.

Imo, zos should really think about an update and revamp.

Edit: forgot to mention flexibility. Werewolf is purely stam dps unless you sacrifice a set for a taunt when it could've been a morph.
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That one khajiit obsessed with werewolf behemoth and vampire lord. Lady Thorn is bae, dont @ me.
Werewolf behemoth=vampire lord>blood scion>werewolf>vampire.
  • priestnall.andrewrwb17_ESO
    Be careful what you wish for...
    Edited by priestnall.andrewrwb17_ESO on June 9, 2021 11:31AM
  • Chaos2088
    There were many were-forms that exist in the lore. Do not understand why they havent been put in yet, we have werebats in Valenwood that are just like the giant bat's we have and aslo the were-bear npc in marches of sacrifice. So it's a little bit there. But they could add new models.

    If they want to go full hog you would have different infections and abilities depending which one you are infected with. But the easier option for balance and implementation would be to add skins in collectables. Crown store, crown crates or new collectable achievements.

    If going down the route with were-creatures having different infections, then people might also want different vampire bloodlines.
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