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Is there a true Pink dye color/colour?

Is there a true pink dye color/colour?
I've tried all the pink-looking (sort of) dyes I have unlocked, but (sadly) none of them are true pink.
Come on ZOS, if we don't have a true pink, why not?

Best Answer

  • HumbleThaumaturge
    So, apparently the answer is: No, there is no "true pink" dye color in Tamriel.
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  • Sephyr
    The closest ones I've seen I think are Ironweed Violet, Slaughterfish Flesh Pink, and Dibella's Blush — though I don't think we've an actual true pink.
  • Sambucca1973
    Have you tried red dyes? Several of them end up being very pink(ish), depending on the material. I recall trying to dye things red and being surprised at getting pink. Might also be true of some of the browns.
  • SkaraMinoc
    In addition to the other pink colors mentioned, Haunted Moor Mauve can look close to pink on certain armor types.

    Ironwood Violet is probably the closest.

    On some Fang Lair and Scalecaller outfit styles, the Marble White will show as a light bubble gum pink.

    Random pieces of gear will also show up as pink when using Marble White, such as the Xivkyn Sash.

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  • Djennku
    Have you tried pellitine coral or the rose gold colored one? Those are pretty pink.
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