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LAPTOP requirements

Hi Everyone,

I am a MAC player that loves this game, however i notice that my MAC computer is not running properly anymore with the latest updates and that is terribly sad ...
Apparantly there is no support focus anymore on the MAC clients since Microsoft bought ZOS / Zenimax ...

However, ... i absolutely LOVE this game and want to continue playing (without being thrown out of the game evere minute)

Is this game playable on a gaming laptop and what are the requirements i DEFINITELY need to take a look at ?
Graphics card / ram / ...

I want a Laptop that is strong enough for the next 5 years, because i will only buy it for gaming !

How many people % do these days play on a laptop, and how many play on steady personal computers still?
I have the impression that Personal Computers are still way better than gaming laptops ... is that the case ?

Thank you for good advice because it will influence me on buying a laptop specifically for this game


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  • eMKa8
    Can anyone help me maybe with this list?
    Which laptop would be the better one (without necessarily have the most expensive one ,


    thank you so much !
  • etchedpixels
    I can't answer for specific systems but in general the important things to know are

    - Intel laptop processors come with various 'TDP' values reflecting their thermal power. The lower the TDP the less time the processor can sustain running a heavy workload but the lighter the laptop. For casual use and general office use the machine is basically idle all the time and bursts to full speed briefly, gaming is different so the higher TDP and heavier laptops tend to perform better
    - Intel on chip graphics totally suck for gaming (again great for office use). The latest ones on some of the chips merely mostly suck, and it's not entirely consistent that newer CPU has better graphics.
    - AMD on CPU graphics suck a lot less but they won't handle more demanding games on high settings

    So in general - for gaming - you go for a heavier system with discrete graphics and probably poorer battery life. The extreme being things like some of the ROG Strix systems with a desktop AMD Ryzen and an underclocked RX580. 2 hour battery life, can also be used as a hairdrier 8)

    Desktop systems are generally better than laptops because there is no power restriction, no space restriction and thus you can vent vast amounts of heat. Desktop processors go up to about 135W TDP plus 300W or so for a GPU. If you put that in a laptop it would simply melt. In addition you can swap more parts. The RX3060 in the latest top end gaming laptops will be obsolete within 5 years probably - can you swap it ?
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  • ZOS_Bill
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