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Upgrading, Reconstructed vs Crafted

So when you Reconstruct an item you have the choice of picking out its quality and applying up to Legendary right off the bat with no additional steps. When you craft an item you still have to manually go into the Improvement window and go one by one through the stages from Normal to Legendary. Since Reconstructing as been introduced, why hasn't the same function been applied to crafted items as well?
  • Nestor
    Probably have to Overhaul the Crafting System to do that.

    Even using an Addon Like Writ Worthy, each upgrade is still a step. At least they streamlined it from Launch, when you had to manually select how many tempers you were going to use at each stage. Which, was kind of silly as anything less than the full amount of tempers was pretty much a failure and loss of item.
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  • maximusrex45
    With the addition of being able to reconstruct items, there are certainly some improvements that should be made to gear crafting in general to bring them in line with each other. It doesn't make a lot of sense that it can be a lot cheaper and easier to reconstruct items then to craft, upgrade, or transmute existing items.
  • Zephiran23
    I think it's because you can make a mess out of your crafting skills (relatively) and still have the ability to craft the item you want. Example: One character has researched enough traits to craft it at the level you want, but another has the points in the expertise passive to do the upgrade more cheaply. Or another player or another account of yours could do it. If your main has all the skill points applied, it could be the same as reconstructing an item, not everyone is going to do it that way though.

    Or maybe it's just another small timesink to extend your session time and not enough complaints have required action yet.
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