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Magicka Nightblade PVE Build (105k+) - Blackwood


BTW at 25%:
Drop Elemental Weapon for Impale, don´t use Degeneration and Debilitate anymore!

-5x Mother´s Sorrow
-5x Siroria
-1x Harpooners Wading Kilt
-1x Slimecraw
-1x Maelstrom Inferno

Mundus: Thief
Race: Khajiit
Food: Ghastly Eye Bowl

Intro: 0:00-0:45
Rotation/Parse: 0:46-6:45
Build: 6:46-9:28
Outro: 9:30

FoA Build (without Mythic Item):
Stamina Necromancer Build Blackwood:
Stamina Sorcerer Build Blackwood:
Stamina Dragonknight:
Stamina Warden:
Stamina Nightblade:
Stamina Templar:
Magicka Necromancer:
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