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[PC/NA] Hammer and Needle | Social + PvE Guild | Recruiting!

Afraid of guild drama? Do your other guilds have members with infectious diseases that doctors have yet to identify? Looting rules so complex that IRS agents run screaming for the hills? Then join us!
Hammer and Needle is a PvE and social guild, with a focus on gaming and enjoying each other's company - all experience and skill levels welcome! We aim to create an inclusive environment for all players no matter what their goal is in-game, be it deep diving into the tougher areas of the game or simply focusing time on enjoying the finer things (like fishing, of course). Our goal is to form friendships with other adventurers here on ESO and create a family-friendly community for people of all walks of life.

We're a community-focused guild with compassionate and helpful members that is always seeking like minded players to grow our community.

We offer:
• Supportive learning environment
• Regular guild events
• Discord
• Fully stocked guild hall

We ask:
• Since we encourage members of all ages to join, we ask that you keep the language PG!
• Be respectful of the other members - sometimes the best option is to agree to disagree
• Be welcoming to other members! We're all here to have a good time and make friends

Message @Disasterasauras for information or an invite! We're a RETURNING guild of 7 years that is seeking OFFICERS !
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