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Loss of use of game after clicking on crate button plus fbuttons

I have been having a problem I think for most of this week. When I load the game I am alright and can move and fire weapon and interact with others, if I then push the F2 key to get to the maps the game stops and I get in the bottom right corner (ALT exit). now none of the keys work and need to have the pc rebooted . At this point in time I have turned off all add ons and reset bindings. this time the game ran I was able to push esc to reset bindings but when I pushed icon for the crates everything stopped working.
I am running a desk top pc with keyboard and an attached keypad on left and a gaming mouse on right. I have been using the set up for over two years with no problems. I am lucky I can write this on my Mac M1. thanks for any advice.
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