Attunable Crafting Station

Not sure if the powers that be peruse these forums, but unsure where to post a suggestion... it has to do with attunable crafting stations. Each major update, our GM gets stressed because of the new crafted sets... not only because she has to take time moving around tables to put the new ones in (which is a bear of a process), but it is the fact that she has to remove things from the house to make them fit... so her creative touches have to be gutted at least twice a year.

Why not have 'mulit-craft' attunable tables? Make them similar in cost to 4 tables, but it'll save so much space and allow my GM to get creative again!

Ideally you should be able to 'sell' the old tables for at least half the voucher value back to the NPC, but even just offering them both (multi and traditional) would help a lot.


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