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The Magical Gates of Rimmen

For the most part ZOS has designed major cities in Tamriel appropriates to the Medieval standard we know concerning city defense. High walls, towers, gates and portcullises. That, though wasn't the game in Elsweyr, specifically the Rimmen gates, or lack thereof. The main entrance to Rimmen is a wide open space with no doors or portcullis to speak of. No practical way of sealing in the event of an attack or siege, which pretty much explains why Euraxia has such an easy time seizing the city.

My idea aims to fix that with an in world, immersive answer. Everything can be solved with the proper application, of Magicka.

My take, the Magical Gates of Rimmen.


The Gate has two large Braziers on each side, and we know Braziers are used in MANY Arcane rituals and Spell casting. I aim to appropriate these as focuses to channel a Barrier between the walls edges, effectively "Sealing the Gates" whenever dictated by Rimmen's Battlemages. I chose the color due to the Khajiit's use of Magicka derived from adherence to S'rendarr, or Stendarr. Wards of Stendarr have been used before, most notably in the main story questline.
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  • Crazyprophet
    Tbh I'm still salty that Rimmen wasn't a predominantly human settlement with an Akaviri theme to it, as we'd been led to believe in previous lore.
  • Ryuvain
    Would be a cool addition. I doubt they will touch the chapter since it's over with now.
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  • Surragard
    It’s a cool idea I’m not sure if there is something inherit one Khajiti culture that would make locked gates seem out of place. Isn’t there a ritual where a Khajiti child has to steal something of value and bring it to their parent when coming of age or something? I vaguely remember something about this. Could be the lack of gate and “openness” is an intentional nod to their culture.
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  • Smaxx
    Considering we never experience Rimmen before Euraxia's siege, what if there were gates, but they were demolished/removed during or after the siege?

    Euraxia reigns in constant fear of an uprising, holding the whole city hostage. What if she also fears gates could lock out any sizeable reinforcements, while not expecting any significant resistance from the Khajiit outside? Orcrest has fallen and all other settlements in northern Elsweyr are significantly smaller after all.

    As for building style: I guess they made it this way because most players don't look too deep into lore and it might have appeared lazy to have yet another imperial looking city occupied by Khajiit. In-character I could totally believe that there were (and still are) Akaviri roots, but due to the harsh environment (like sandstorms and falling winds), the Khajiiti building style proofed to be more reliable over time. Remember their rooftops aren't just artistic/stylistic, they are functional, too. Also what if this somewhat Asian/Indonesian style we see in "modern" Khajiiti buildings actually isn't inherently khajiit, but heavily influenced by the Akaviri, too? Older stone buildings in the game clearly show different wall/roof structures and shapes after all.
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