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[Limitations]Looking for all players.



Limitations are an active and community that welcomes all player levels. We consist of a diverse group that loves to help anyone needing it. We try to have a chill environment that stays toxic and drama-free. All the officers and leaders share the same goal which is to build a friendly, fun community no matter the size of the guild or area of the game you like to play. As of now the two games we have running and active are World of Warcraft which has been around for a year and reaches AOTC in every raid tier and our newly built Final Fantasy XIV Company. We are looking to start expanding into Black Desert Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Ashes of Creation, New World, and Guild Wars 2. We are looking for people to help stand those games up and get them running. Our community wants to be in a lot of MMO games but we are not focusing on being a community built just for numbers.


Limitations is a warm and welcoming community with dedicated and experienced leaderships. We are working to start doing more out of game activities in the future and we would love to have more ideas. What we offer right now is:
  • Active Discord Community.
  • Chill and non toxic enviroment.
  • Input and active polls on what happens in the guild.
  • Leadership has open door for input and feedback.
  • Starting monthly news letter filled with a roadmap and update.


We welcome players that are 18+ and that can act mature and respect others. Limitations welcome players of all types PvP, PvE, Crafting, Role Play. We are looking for players that are dedicated and love the MMORPG lifestyle and are wanting to build a community up. We do not require a certain amount of hours of playtime but we do have a 6 months inactivity kick. We are looking for players that want to socialize inside and outside the games so that we all get to know each other better. We do wish to maintain activity in discord as much as possible this allows new members to see that we are active and it's not a dead community. Players from all regions are welcome to the guild but please remember that our main language is English. We do also welcome content creators new or seasoned.

Recruitment Needs
Currently looking for all roles including officers and CO-GM

Discord: discord.gg/rCb4Sve
Discord Reli92#4100
ESO name @Reli92
  • Reli92
    We are a social and fun guild looking for all types of players. We are also looking for people to fill leadership positions.1
    Discord: discord.gg/rCb4Sve
    Discord Reli92#4100
    ESO name @Reli92
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