XP Bonus broken?

Maybe that I'm not aware of some official specs in regards to XP bonuses and how they're applied, but on the other hand the system seems to be broken.

I have the ESO Plus bonus, and the current event XP bonus (The Return of The Explorer's Celebration), on top of 150% potion bonus. When I log in, i go as fast as I can to Craglorn, drink the potion and grind mobs around Spellscar. I am then able to win between 50K to 75K+ XP during each "round" gathering about 10-15-20 mobs. But after 15 minutes, the bonus dramatically and inexplicably drops to top at about 20K XP, average 10-12K during each round. Is there a XP gain cap before one of the bonuses stops (the strongest bonus)? I can't see another explanation....
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  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    Were you starting the run with Enlightenment? It gives a strong bonus to XP gain, but lasts only for a limited amount of XP, 400k XP per day accumulated to a cap of 4.8M.
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