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Xbox One Controller (Mac)

Decided to come back to the game and am trying to get a controller to work with it... it has been a nightmare so far.

I have a Mac on the newest OS, and just bought an Xbox one controller wireless. Does anyone have any experience getting a controller to work properly? The in-game system does not pair properly and I am not too experienced creating mappings to keybindings.
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  • GenjiraX
    I used an Xbox One controller on Stadia on my Mac. It needed to be plugged in via USB. I think I read that Xbox uses a proprietary wireless system so it won’t work unless plugged in but don’t take that as a fact.
  • phaneub17_ESO
    Steam with big picture mode has preset and custom controller configurations you can load.
  • Squatch4x4
    Has anybody has any success with this? My PS4 controller doesn't work over Bluetooth but works fine while connected via USB cable.

    I'd like to play without the USB cable, and am considering an XBox controller as it would also work way better on my Windows machine. The latest XBox "Core" controllers say they include standard bluetooth and not just Microsoft's proprietary 2.4GHz link.

    If anybody has one they want to try out I'd appreciate it before I drop $50 on a controller lol
  • ZOS_Bill
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