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Mac vs Stadia

Considering the lack of reliability of ESO on Macs right now I have been considering switching over to Stadia (I have no interest in creating partitions). I'm genuinely curious if anyone has made the switch and what their experience has been?

Thanks in advance
  • Booldi
    Stadia is not an option in my opinion, because of the lack of addons. Im currently runing ESO on Parallels. i can recomend that or Bootcamp.
  • NetherClawSr
    I have made the switch and it works very well. Works on Mac, iPad and TV with stadia controller and/or PS4 controller. However I do singleplay and veteran dungeons only without add ons or mods.
  • AngryLorekeeper
    Thanks!! I was wondering about add-ons and that might be a deal breaker because I do run a few.
  • fiender66
    Let me say that I run ESO on mac (27" iMac, 10.15 OS) without problems. Since years.

    I also own a very decent MSI PC and sometimes run ESO on win 10. I Largely prefer the Mac implementation (better fullscreen windowed, smooth use of Dualshock controller, and the OS in general). Just to say that I can make a comparison.

    Bootcamp sadly is no more supported on the last OS versions (since High Sierra, maybe, certainly since Catalina), so you can run it on older machines or with and old OS version on a new machine, hardly the best solutions.
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