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Why aren't weapon furnishings still a thing yet?

The lootable weapons and armor models laying around the game, why don't we have them for furnishings yet? We cant do weapon mounts or display cases like most NPC houses and Undaunted tents because of this.

Potential of making armor racks and weapon racks etc. and having iconic themes like "The Sword in the Stone" is huge.
  • Dalsinthus
    This is the weirdest thing about eso housing. This stuff I’d everywhere in game but not available for player housing. I don’t get it.
  • Nestor
    I loved displaying my armor and weapons in Morrowind. I had mods, of course that changed all the textures. Anyway, I would collect everything. And lay it all out.

    I would love to do the same here. Even I have to say, give up ever using the item again. Good way to use up weird traits.
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  • SydneyGrey
    And musical instruments, too.

    I would LOVE to have a weapon rack in the home, or at least weapons as furnishings we can mount to the wall or lay on a table.
  • LadyNalcarya
    Yeah I don't understand that. Weapons and musical instruments are common in the wold, they even made a bunch of new models for the Bards College quest, and yet we cannot use them as housing items.
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  • what_the
    There is a big drum and Gong (and more i'm sure) you can display and use thru the antiquities system. I also dug up a sword of some kind I can display, I think I have more, I haven't been in the game to check yet.
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