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What lore reasons made you fall in love with your main's race?

  • DucLIX
    Race passives :D
    faster guys kill kill
  • Mandragora
    Wood orcs from Greenshade and surrouning zones were inspiration for my orcish main hunter. I liked the contrast of big race being agile in woods like bosmers - it felt interesting.
    And when I heard about shadowscales being born in special time and being mysterious and dangerous, I knew I will want to create one myself.
    And I don't know if it does have anything to do with lore, but when I created my altmer palladin I was thinking about all of those poor murdered acolytes of Auriel in Vulkhel Guard.
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  • DarcyMardin
    My first Elder Scrolls game was Morrowind (TES 3), and I chose a Breton because of the magicka and also the 50 % magicka resistance. The latter proved to be useful when I got the Boots of Blinding Speed, allowing me to run around the huge landscape only *half* blind.

    My first main in ESO is also a Breton. I usually prefer to play a caster. I have lots of alts of all races, but I still love my Bretons.
  • RedBranch
    Once I went Argonian…. I fell for their connection to the Hist and tribes particularities. So much variety in once race yet universally recognized. Not to mention it was the Argonians who were able to push back daedric forces where other races failed.
  • guarstompemoji
    The argonians are tree-hugging death cultists. They are amazing and fascinating. Hist lore is awesome.

    A close second would be the Redguards, though I'd love to see some sword kata emotes for them, weapon spirit emotes, and so on.

    The wood elves have some fascinating lore and culture.

    I used to like khajiiti, but they're so prevalent in ESO that it makes them feel oversatured and overdone. I recall encountering them in Morrowind; they felt mysterious and special. Now, when I encounter them, I twitch.
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  • TheGent
    I always pick Nord. I love there primitive lifestyle and how they are more wholesome and traditional. Cause Im a outdoorsman myself and love to go camping and living in the woods building shelters, living the primitive lifestyle FREE with nature away from all toxic politics and people alike o:)
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    I really need a questing friend. Playing solo is lonely and boring (i am in multiple guilds too)

  • Maya_Nur
    Bretons. I like how contradictory their history is: former slaves, yet many of them desired to become a part of Direnni society instead of just avenge on the enslavers. It seems things were way complicated than just master-slave relationships, the fact that children of mixed "marriages" were treated well, speaks about three things: some of the altmers used it as a demostration of social elevator for slaves to prevent rebellions, some of them could judge slavery at the first place, and some just really liked atmorans :)

    Another reason for my choice is I prefer to play humans, but also I like magic :blush:
  • RD065
    I'm a civilized man so I'm an Altmer.
  • BlissfulDelusions
    Personally, Bretons will always be my top race among the ten.

    They seem like generic "ye olde medieval milordy chamberpot" on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, there is quite a bit of French revolution inspiration, like how they have freedom as a value and have a Rights Charter (which we sadly haven't seen the full text of). I also love the lore on the Direnni, the intrigue, and the overarching focus on magic and honor among them.
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  • atherusmora
    Tbh I am, at my core a child of Sithis. So, any chance to corrupt Anu’s line is an opportunity I can’t pass up. Playing a rebellious Altmer that has his soul split in the service of every Daedric Prince possible is the crowning glory of my TES endeavors in every TES game I play.
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  • AerunSun
    I've been playing since Morrowind (TES3) and started out with a Bosmer. Their bond with nature, the. They're looks small, agile with a Bow specialism that makes the great for Sneaky Archers that are members of the Dark Brotherhood. You kill your target from a distance with one perfectly marked shot and none will evern knew what and who hit it. Ive been playing Bosmer in TES3, 4 & 5. I started out as a Bosmer in ESO to, yet this type of game play is quit different in ESO and not completly to my liking.

    As Morrowind in ESO arrived I saw the trailer and instantly had something that's my new Char!! So I switched to a 2H Redguard Warden. I liked the look and the lore behind the Warden. They way they where chosen and trained. Their close to whatt I like in Bosmer (naature bonded), yet better playable in ESO. IMO anyway ;)
    • Bosmer Girl since Morrowind 2002
  • ChibchanLawyer
    I'll admit, the very first time I played, back in the Oblivion days, I picked Imperial simply because it seemed to fit more into the story.

    I then made a Argonian Thief/Assassin for TG/DB storyline purposes, and absolutely fell in love with Argonian lore. I found it fascinating that they were based off Mesoamerican cultures; I used to read up Black Marsh's lore online and thought it really mystic. I even travelled to Oblivion's map southern edge to see if I could maybe spot an Argonian city in the distance and confirm that it matched the tales. This was way before ESO gave us a glimpse of the other provinces. Never stopped playing an Argonian since. I regularly strut around Tamriel with my Argonian Tank.
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