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New long house emperors video pretty good. BUT...

Soul Shriven
Just watched the new video about the long house emperors and the forging of the four ambitions. pretty good overall. but I'm griping over, what is admittedly a minor issue.
Its says " the four ambitions were lost for all time, until now".
"All time" is not a finite amount of time that can suddenly end.
It is ALL time....meaning they are lost, and never ever ever found again...not even now. Or in the future. Or ever.
Like I said, small gripe. liked it overall. but surely someone read the script in the editing phase?
There. Therapy session over.^^
  • RedMuse
    I get your point and I could maybe see the use of that phrase if it had been a huge amount of time since they were lost and up till now, like an era or two. But it's been what? Two generations? We're talking from like WWII and up to the present?
  • BisDasBlutGefriert
    By chance, does anyone have a Link to that video? Thanks in advance!
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  • RedMuse
  • VaranisArano
    Leovic was killed in 2E 577. The Four Ambitions were lost for all time about 5 years.

    To be fair, if 2020 felt like the year that lasted way too long for us here on Earth, I can only imagine how long the disastrous year of 2E 582 feels for the people of Tamriel!
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  • Eporem

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