Hamsterfell Trading (also known as Hammerfell)

Soul Shriven
Looking for a Trade Guild?. We offer that.

Weekly Fundraisers. Lottery and Auctions !

All proceeds to get the best trader we can every Week!


All Mundus Stones available at nominated Guild House.

All Crafting Stations in one place, including a Transmute Station

We are growing and want to add active players.

We also run guild groups, offer metorship for newer players, advice.

We are a frienly adult, tongue in cheek guild for fun and profit. Give us a try! Apply Today!
  • sammerkandb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Now under new Management.

    We also offer advice and help for new players. A full crafting service upon request (we will help by using guild base materials where we can).

    Dungeon carry throughs on Normal

    And a nice social chat environment that is adult oriented.
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