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Gauging Interest in an ESO based Anime/Machinima web-series production (Coming soon).

Soul Shriven
So, I have a small, barely blipped on the radar, animated fantasy, comedy/adventure (think adult swim) YouTube web series that's currently based in another MMO, but I'm planning to move it over to ESO.

Simply because the setting more aligns with the theme of the series and this game is newer and better looking, plus it's growing on me. And there are certainly more people playing ESO than my other game that shall not be mentioned.

I'm looking for people who may want to partake in said production.

If you have a character or characters on the NA server (PC )and are interested in being a member of the cast, I want to hear from you!

More specifically, I'm looking for in-game character actors and voice actors. This is a strictly volunteer (un-paid :( )basis, although I am known to buy pizza & beer for everyone!

What does it involve? As a character actor, You would be required to show up to a pre-designated location in the game (with at least 24-48 hours notice), where you will be filmed performing actions and emotes at the direction of the director (me) via discord. These film shoots average about an hour or two, one or two days a week. Must be able to understand spoken English.
Must be able to commit a couple hours a week. If this is too much for you then let's not waste our time.

Voice actors/actresses also wanted. Feel like you have a talented voice? Want to be in a show? I want to hear from you!
As a voice actor/actress, You would simply need to have a voice, a good microphone and some recording software.

You will be credited in the series however you want to be credited.

Since posting a link to my series would be self serving, I will simply say, discerning minds will know...

Join Discord for more info.

All are welcome and encouraged to apply! All factions welcome!

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