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I sincerely hope we get a "no proc" Cyro campaign in Blackwood

Soul Shriven
Soon procs will get added back.
And my preparations for it has been gathering all kinds of essentials for proc play, testing out Malacath and whatnot.

And I must say if not running solo bg's proc sets are just anti fun to a whole another level.
Playing IC is quite fun until you run into a metaslave, death recap is always something stupid like "Force shock" into 80% different procs to damage for the kill.

Worst is running into an auto attack sorcerer with Valkyn Skoria being their kill condition with free sustain out of their bum that makes them tankier than a no-proc no-cp heavy armor player in Cyrodiil.

I don't even care about the balance of proc play, if the combat is unfollowable it's just not worth playing, the classes have been balanced well enough for me and the combat has been understandable without procs, but with procs on anything can be anything and it's not fun going back to the old train groups running whatever procs they can to indirectly kill people.

Currently in Cyro if a caster starts a combo I can weight my options, if a bow user snipes me I can compare his damage to mine and duel with that information, and if a 2h bruiser charges at me there's actual timing windows for blocks and doges to fight back.
With procs on who knows that will happen at any given situation, I duel a person and their time to kill can be wildly different each encounter, if I run into a group the death recap is just an absolute joke.

Man, what I would give for a pauper campaign, no procs, no CP and alliance locked.

And well even for once to try it out, the playerbase can decide then what to run, and if the majority would play with procs I would understand and quit the game happy, but to have the current play removed with no options to go even remotely back to an understandable class balance it just feels sad.
Villhellm - Poison Bow Nord DK
Do I care for improving myself? Sure.
Do I care for being good? Not that much.
Casual PvP enjoyer.
  • geonsocal
    been thinking about cyro death a bit lately - my death recaps play a big role in the offensive development of my own builds and what defensive or sustain improvements are needed...

    i've noticed the first 20 minutes or so after i log in - chances are really high i'm not winning too many small scale battles...i'm usually just way too eager and overextend myself...

    after that though, i don't really die a lot to proc sets or class imbalance - what normally kills me is overwhelming enemy numbers, or someone whom just has a lot more skill and familiarity with their build - i rotate builds every couple of days...i'll fight on both servers in the same night, so, sometimes it takes me a little while to remember which buttons i'm supposed to be hitting - that, and just how much damage i can safely absorb during a fight...

    i have 17 toons for fighting (NA & EU), 8 are set up for no-proc fighting...i've used random battlegrounds to level for years, i've completed imperial city a bunch of times, did the middle thing, farmed about 100 siege of cyrodiil merits (i really like that siegemaster costume, dyed white it goes great with a vamp)...where i spend most of my time though is in cyrodiil...sadly about 2 to 3 hours a night for the last almost six years now...

    honestly, just re-tooled my necro mag recently, he's wearing beekeeper along with julianos - i can't wait to put on a complete set of troll king shortly...

    just recently acquired malacath's band and ring of the pale order before the recent change, i'm looking forward to testing both pieces out more in cyro...gaze of sithis - i see you :D

    i guess my point is - cyro has been an arms race for years now - it's what a lot of the people want...

    cyro is a really big place - grey host or whatever the "main" map is at the moment, is gonna be where the most fighting is...

    one last thing - talking about pvp deaths: invisible siege is the number one thing that irks me when i die, that and being unable to shield, heal or take a potion after damage first registers, cuz of lag...
    Edited by geonsocal on May 6, 2021 5:00AM
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