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[PC][NA] Fifty Shades Of Redguard

Soul Shriven
[PC][NA] Fifty Shades Of Redguard

Are you looking for a guild that cares more about getting to know you than having you as a “number”?

Our guild is focused on building a genuine community rather than having a huge amount of members. We want to have our members to know each other and play with each other not just co-exist on a list.

We are a new guild looking for people who want to grow a community with us!

We do a lot of pve normal and endgame and a little pvp. We have members who can help with builds of both, and get you where you wanna be. If you need gear we will help you farm it.

We are active in discord! And normally have Atleast a few members in voice chat at all times.
we are a smaller guild and very chill, so if your looking for a smaller chill/relaxed guild we maybe perfect for you!


•Have a since of humor

•help out your fellow guild members

•don’t purposely be rude

If your interested in joining us please message one of our leaders for an invite.





join our discord:

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