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Character Names

  • ThePedge
    I have 3 types basically.

    1. (Roleplay) names I come up with that I like, either entirely made up or with help of Lore.
    Examples: Juniper Forestmaiden, Viidost Kendov

    2. My nickname or spins of
    Examples: Pedgé, Pedge Chief-Bane, Sir Pedge

    3. Memes/ESO related
    Examples: Jabby The Hutt, Nerf Magsorc
  • JoDiMageio
    My toons have two names, I guess you could say.

    Their actual name that I keep in my head canon and use for writing fanfic, usually based on TES lore, name generators, looking up baby names from cultures that match those that the different races of Tamriel seem to be based on, and usually some kind of alteration / adaptation to these discoveries that creates a new, original name that is lore friendly but also unique.

    They also have "code names" that are the actual names they have in game that other players see, some kind of reference to their role from an RP perspective - like "The Gilded Hand" for a thief, for example.
  • Zenzuki
    Danikat wrote: »
    . . .My crafter is called Sagittam Ad Genu which is Latin for 'arrow to the knee', a reference to him being a retired soldier and the running joke from Skyrim. I'm not expecting anyone's Latin to be good enough to actually know that, but it amuses me to know that's what it means.. .

    I did something very similar with my Necro. I named him Viduus SoulReaver named after the Old Roman God Viduus.

    Viduus was the God who separated the Soul and Body after death.

    Thought it appropriate for my BA necro, as that's what he's doing everyday to the denizens of Tamriel! :smiley:
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  • Wandering_Immigrant
    Mine are all somewhat pun-like, I guess, but not in a way that's meant to be necessarily funny. They're often references to things I like, a lot are pop culture type references, but also descriptive of the character's theme. Most are actually named from song titles or lyrics from songs. The songs and lyrics is my favorite naming technique since the song will sometimes get stuck in my head while playing them, which has the effect of setting my mood on the character and influencing how their personality and look develops.
  • Athan1
    Nooo always go for lore-friendly names! Decide your character's background, research the relative race/clan/family, and choose appropriate name/surname/epithet. :)
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
  • jle30303
    I like lore-friendly names. I have a Breton templar tank whose name is "Justarian Delavert" - basically a kind of sword-and-board, heavily armoured knight who could have stepped out of King Arthur's Round Table, was how I envisaged him. Green is my favourite colour, hence "Delavert" - French for "of the green" - which could be seen as a reference to the Green Knight of legend, the one who was prepared to test the morals of even Sir Gawain. (Which also fits with the Templar class.)

    My second character is an Orcish magicka necromancer. If she ever met my first character, it would be total war between them without hope of negotiation. "Yagna gra-Khazgur" - a generically orcish-sounding first name, and the second name implies which stronghold she came from (a reference to Mor Khazgur in Skyrim... which later turned up as an actual place in the Greymoor expansion.)

    The third one is a big Nord Warden, played as a stamina DPS. "Gundrada Sword-Mistress".

    I have a low-level Argonian, starting out as a DPS for low levels but will eventually become a healer... Argonians are lizardfolk and thus scaly, I'm a musician in real-life, so I called him "Practices-His-Scales".

    That wasn't the name I originally intended to give him: but when I asked my guild what name I should give an Argonian, one of the responses was "Call it Looks-Like-Cat... and make a khajiit". I haven't done that but I thought it was hilarious :-)
  • ArchMikem
    I play Khajiit and Argonians, so I get more leeway in naming them based off their culture and language. That said I pretty much throw sounds together, except for one where I got it from a Book I read once.

    My Nightblade main is a combo of a play on words, and the name of my favorite Mass Effect character. Cat, and Tali'Zorah. Combined them to make "Ka'atali". Sounds pretty Khajiiti right?

    My Argonian is literally random sounds put together that reminds me of other Argonians names I've come across in the game. "Tsah-Zee". Gotta have that hyphenated name for the lizard folk.
    CP1,500+ Master Explorer - AvA August Palatine - Console Peasant
  • Izaki
    I've just went with sort of concept where each character is an aspect of a Japanese deity. And the aspect is based on class.

    So I've got:
    - Amaterasu no Kage and Tsukuyomi no Kage which both literally translate to the Shadow of Amaterasu and the Shadow of Tsukuyomi. These are respectively the Goddess of the Sun and the God of the Moon. Both the Sun and the Moon are sources of light on Earth which inevitably also create shadows of pretty much every object there is. And Shadows = Nightblades obviously.
    - Izanami no Hikari which means the Light of Izanami, who is the Goddess of Life and Death. Necromancers toy with the boundaries between these two and in a sense they show the light of day to dead eyes. So I felt that it was quite fitting.
    - Izanagi no Shinzui, aka the Spirit of Izanagi, a primordial deity of Creation who shaped the Earth. Wardens are heavily linked to flora and fauna, and just living things in general, which were all created by Izanagi. Then of course, winter is known for its destructive effects on flora and fauna, as well as being in general not very hospitable. I kinda felt that Izanagi was a very suitable God for the Warden.
    - Susano'o no Something I have no idea yet. I'm probably gonna be making a Stam Sorc again since it seems like Sorcs have fun abilities now and since I've been gone from the game for a couple of years, I feel like I should make a new character. Susano'o is the God of Seas and Storms so that feels quite fitting for the Sorc.

    Yeah... Names are fun
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  • Minyassa
    In video games I am lazy and I just build toons that are based on my tabletop RPG characters. I've already done all the work when I make those original tabletop characters, and I will use name generators, history books, baby name books, do language research, or steal other people's pets' names, or borrow names out of songs like with my Khajiit templar Jennyanydots. And of course there are always the bad joke names or names made to mock something, like Grimdark The Edgelord.
  • Solid_Metal
    for me its actually quite simple
    i use my cyber name that i used for years, but i wont divulge that since well...ToS and such, so for example, my cyber name is : Bob

    then i use name generator from here : (in this case altmer, but theres other races to choose)

    and then just combine it, for example the one i chose is Merienendor Aediath
    add delete couple first letter, so it become : Bobienendor
    for last name i just chose the one i like the most, like Thromthius

    thats it
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    "i will walk through the fog, as i welcome death"
  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    I usualy make up a name that is lore friendly name ore something that sound like it for exemple lots of khajiit get a ' in there name also the letter K is present in a lot of them too so Zar'kan is born

    I personnaly like to think tha my character with their name could be part of the world

  • Athan1
    Just to be clear, imo there are different types of character names:
    • Gibberish (e.g. "Gsxk")
    • Trolls (e.g. "Jabbity Jab" for a Templar)
    • Real-life (e.g. your pet's name or your real name)
    • Meta-names (e.g. "Argonian Magplar" that helps distinguish the race/role/class of a character)
    • Seemingly lore-friendly (e.g. "Lucius Knightius" for an Imperial Templar knight. This seems lore-friendly because it follows naming conventions but the name is essentially gibberish, no-one would call their child something that relates to a feature they have as adults. The only exception to this are epithets, which are indeed given when someone is an adult based on a feature they have - see below)
    • Truely lore-friendly (e.g. "Bends-the-Light" for the same Argonian Magplar from above - bonus points for Jel or other native language names!)

    Tbh all but the last category are kinda cringey. The seemingly lore-friendly are very sneaky because they are gibberish disguised as lore or immersion, usually you can't know what a child will become when it's born :D
    Athan Atticus Imperial Templar of Shezarr
  • Coatmagic
    Rhu Z'Dai delf naming bit of tongue in cheek + EQ and her name transferred from beta with a letter change so that was good!

    Knew I needed a dedicated crafter (which has subsequently ended up being my 'main') -->
    This one agonised over a night and got much and many a nasty comment when she finally got through the silver gates back in the day, Daggerfall was... not welcoming to a wayward khajiit.

    Reaslised right away that I would need another crafter for the chanting to start (back then inventory space and skill points were a tad more um.. complicated?) Anyway, inc redguard:
    Enna Shantaine (her name was later changed as she no longer need to be the chanty though still refer to her as Enna a lot!)
    Yeah, so that one was tongue in cheek also..

    As for the other 100s of characters (probably) made and deleted and made again, like many others it's about who they are, where they are frrom, and what they do --- usually.

    Bretons annoyed me for so long trying to get one to look 'right' (talking years here) that when all was said and done I ended up with two and they are the Weaver sisters Clara & Mina *yaaawn!* LOL

    Have had much more fun naming the various khajiit and argonian characters over the years since there is just so much more room to have fun and still stay within lore.

    Anyway, do what feels right! Nothing says you can't just be Bob! >^^<

  • fizl101
    Coatmagic wrote: »

    Anyway, do what feels right! Nothing says you can't just be Bob! >^^<

    This is true, one of my characters is called Norman.
    Soupy twist
  • DawnsLight65
    My main Nightblade is plain old Famaire, which means visitor in Gaelic, she's a Khajit so it makes sense except in Elsewyr. My tank is Dwayne the Boulder Johnson. My healer is Dr. McCoy My necromancer is Dawn of the Dead.

    Do what resonates with you.
    Ra'avi Ahjonihr
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    Master Thief
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    Hero of the Dominion, Pact, and Covenant
    Member of the Dragonguard
    Friend to Razum-dar
    Favored of Azura
    'It does not matter to M'aiq how strong or smart one is. It only matters what one can do.' -M'aiq the Liar
  • Klad
    I use old D&D player names, since Tamreil is very much like my my own shared campaign way back in 1st ed.
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