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Silverdawn - New trials guild looking for both experienced players and those new to trials

Soul Shriven
Silverdawn is a new guild looking to create a tight community of both those who are new and interested in joining trials and those who want to improve and complete some of the harder content in ESO.

As a guild we are looking to increase our numbers with active players who have an interest in PvE content primarily focused on trials. This may still include dungeons, pledge runs and anything that you may want to do with others. We have an experienced raid leader with trifectas who plans to lead 3 trials a week once we have a large enough player base. We do have a minimum CP requirement of 160 to join our guild as this is required for joining our normal trials and we are happy to help you with gearing your characters to be ready for that content!

Currently we are planning on running an nCR+2 farm run on Thursday 6th May and will most likely be filling in trials between Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where possible full of normal trials and some veteran training runs.

We are a very new guild so it may take some time to get frequent runs scheduled however the aim is to get this done as soon as possible. We have a discord requirement as part of the guild so feel free to join and let one of the officers know if you'd like to be a part of the guild!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the discord or message me ingame @Miyazawa_Kazumi
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