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Anyone getting error 307 booted from server when mass crafting/ decconing?

I keep getting error 307 booted from server when I do a ton of decconning or crafting all at once anyone else having this happen?
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  • tmbrinks
    I had it happen 1 time. When I was doing 150 alchemy master writs at one time.
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  • Sonnir
    This has only happened to me recently with or after interacting with the alchemy table. But it has happened numerous times. To me and my husband. Sooo frustrating!!
  • joerginger
    It happened to me once in the middle of doing more than 200 master writs in Mournhold. Afterwards it wasn't possible to log in for a while. Something that also happened that day were multiple loading screens while I was standing in front of the Mournhold gate, once it was while I was interacting with my banker.
  • Shadyboss420
    This happened to me while doing 50 alchemy master writs and the next day crafting and decconing over
  • mhadi74
    Soul Shriven
    This is still an issue, 05/23/2022
    Seems like I’ve been booted 100 times, and all I’ve been doing is mass crafting to raise my skills
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry
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