Problem crafting nirnhoned

I'm trying to complete a master writ - a bow, nirnhoned, ancestral orc, armor of the seducer. I have finished researching nirnhoned, have nirncrux in my crafting bag, I have all the craft options maxed (and have completed a different woodwork master writ), know the ancestral orc style and have access to the armor of the seducer crafting station.

When I try to craft the item the option to use the nirnhoned trait isn't visible. I've checked and it's not visible for any bowmaking.

Any ideas as to what I've missed please?

Best Answer

  • JanTanhide
    Potent nirncrux in craft bag? Sounds like it should work unless you missed researching Nirn for the Bow or don't have any Potent Nirncrux.
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  • hafgood
    Ancient orc rather than ancestral orc perhaps?
  • ElysaDjinn
    Thanks for the suggestions. I've cracked it - I had fortified nirncrux not potent. Now I just have to do a bit of selling and crafting to buy some...
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