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Vet Vateshran last boss, need advice

Soul Shriven
I went into vateshran on veteran for the first time, breezed through all the bosses with 1 death at pyrelord and the daedric titan. Then the end boss comes, and she keeps wiping the floor with me at the last phase where the pyromancer adds come into the mix. I am constantly focusing every single add on the arena while damaging the boss with volley, reverse slice and brawler cleave damage. It seems impossible to control a spawned pyromancer while the chain shades are closing in and need to be focused.
Either I am doing something horribly wrong or I need to go mag.
Playing on a stamnb at 790cp, with pale order, hunding and hunter venom, I could really use some advice. I'm on the verge of giving up after 15 wipes clocking at 10-14 minutes each.
Edited by Zefyron on April 23, 2021 9:29PM
  • Vaoh
    Some overall advice:
    - For Nightblade place your shade down and then teleport once the ring moves past it. Easy way to skip ring mechanic.
    - Do the last boss portals in this order - blue (ice mage), green (Minotaur), and then red (fire mage). This seems to be the easiest way.
    - Each time the boss reaches really low health (nearly 0%) and you go into portals, the boss will be regenerating health until you return. Make sure to have your Ultimate ready for portals so you can beat them quicker/return as soon as possible to stop the boss health regen.

    Good luck!
  • Arbit
    You might wanna place a ranged stun on backbar. That’s what I did for my spirit slayer run. If you’re able to stun the add during the linked adds phase you can prolong it enough to finish them and then go after the mage.
    Argonian Master Race
  • Zefyron
    Soul Shriven
    Thx for the suggestions, cleared it today first try with the shade teleport.
    Appreciate it!
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